The Bull Who Guards the Gate to Heaven,” Reckoning 2 (December 2017) – your PSA about braking for livestock

One Fabric,” Strange Horizons (November 2017) – remember the unicycling giraffes? (and here is the podcast version, read by the awesome voice of Ciro Faienza)

Anniversary” and “The Winter Whales,” Portage Magazine (Spring 2016) – in case you were looking for more poems about imaginary whales

Make Believe” and “Whales in Space,” Star*Line (October 2015) – a post-apocalyptic princess and…whales in space

Parade,” Mirror Dance (June 2015) – dogs in suits

Bus Stop Gothic,” Grievous Angel (May 2015) – crows, buzzing power lines, and the dangers of freezing rain

Waking Pantoum,” New Myths (March 2015) – that feeling you get when your alarm goes off

In Cellars, Monsters,” Strange Horizons (June 2014) – yum, hearts (plus! listen to the podcast)


Black Out” and “Rich in Heart,” Nailpolish Stories (April 2014) – afraid of the dark? (you’ll have to scroll down to find me)

Celeb City” and “Heavy Metal,” Nailpolish Stories (January 2016) – what’s underneath the glamour


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