Two More Poems

My poems “Make Believe” and “Whales in Space” are coming out in issue 38.4 of Star*Line, which is the official newsletter of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA). “Make Believe” is a fairy tale/science fiction poem, and “Whales in Space”…honestly, I think that one’s pretty self-explanatory. Star*Line is a print magazine, but “Make Believe” was selected as an Editor’s Choice poem, so it’s archived on the SFPA website as well. You can read it here. You’ll have to find yourself a print copy if you want to read about the space whales!

Books and a Rescued Bookshelf

Friends, it’s been a long time since I posted anything, and I think I can safely blame that on school. Ditto for publications. Writing goes on, currently in the form of fiction about a brother and sister who get lost in the woods and end up at a house made out of bread…sound familiar?

My habitual, superfluous amassing of books goes on as well. About twenty made the original trek with me from the Midwest to the wilds of Virginia, but between a killer library sale and the huge annual literary festival that takes place on my school’s campus, they have now been joined by twenty-one comrades. That’s not counting my textbooks or the library books I’m hoarding, either!

“I always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.” -Jorge Luis Borges, “Poema de los dones”

Rescued BookshelfMy room is nowhere near the paradisal standards of the Library of Congress or that mother of all libraries, Borges’s own Library of Babel, but, especially since the addition of a well-loved bookshelf that my friend and I rescued from beside a Dumpster, at least it feels little more like home.

Here’s my bookshelf–what’s on yours?


My poem “Parade,” about funeral-attending, suit-wearing dogs, is up at Megan Arkenberg’s fantastic online magazine, Mirror Dance. Megan did a really sweet job formatting the pieces in her summer issue. There’s a picture at the top of each poem or story, so they’re nice and colorful, and at the bottom each of the contributors answers a question about writing. This issue’s theme is all about humans and animals, so along with my dog-humans you’ll find a dream-eating Japanese spirit, a tricky forest beast, and a man-bear romance.

That’s enough chatter from me. Get reading, and happy Tuesday!