Excuses, Excuses

As of today, my poems “Anniversary” and “The Winter Whales” are up on Portage Magazine‘s website. Portage is a little different from the markets I’ve published in before: Its specialty is art from the upper Midwest of the United States (not just speculative fiction/poetry!). My home state of Wisconsin falls into this category, and it’s also home to Carroll University in Waukesha, where Portage is headquartered.

If you look at the dates between this post and the last one, you’ll notice that I’ve been even worse than usual about updating this website. There’s a super exciting reason for that, which is that I’m spending this semester in Spain! While I’m here, my goals are to 1) practice speaking Spanish, 2) spend as much time as I can meeting new people and enjoying Spanish life, and 3) pass my classes so I can graduate on time. None of that’s really compatible with spending all my time staring at books of poetry and Word documents (except when I’m writing essays), so my writing output has been…nil. You can expect more from me when I come home in June.

Until then, here’s a pretty picture of Spain. Have a good spring!

Street at Night

Two More Poems

My poems “Make Believe” and “Whales in Space” are coming out in issue 38.4 of Star*Line, which is the official newsletter of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA). “Make Believe” is a fairy tale/science fiction poem, and “Whales in Space”…honestly, I think that one’s pretty self-explanatory. Star*Line is a print magazine, but “Make Believe” was selected as an Editor’s Choice poem, so it’s archived on the SFPA website as well. You can read it here. You’ll have to find yourself a print copy if you want to read about the space whales!


My poem “Parade,” about funeral-attending, suit-wearing dogs, is up at Megan Arkenberg’s fantastic online magazine, Mirror Dance. Megan did a really sweet job formatting the pieces in her summer issue. There’s a picture at the top of each poem or story, so they’re nice and colorful, and at the bottom each of the contributors answers a question about writing. This issue’s theme is all about humans and animals, so along with my dog-humans you’ll find a dream-eating Japanese spirit, a tricky forest beast, and a man-bear romance.

That’s enough chatter from me. Get reading, and happy Tuesday!