Paying Markets for Poetry (or: I Skimmed Poet’s Market 2017 So You Don’t Have To)

Hey friends! (/Meggie. Mostly Meggie.) This is the list I said I would put together after skimming Poet’s Market 2017 for markets meeting these qualifications:

  1. pays contributors
  2. doesn’t charge a submission fee (or fee to submit called something other than a submission fee)
  3. allows online submissions

Caveats: In Poet’s Market, paying markets are indicated by a dollar sign, making them easy to locate. HOWEVER, some markets NOT listed as paying markets by Poet’s Market apparently DO pay contributors. This is the case with FIELD, filling Station, Rattle, and others. On the flip side, some markets listed as “paying” in Poet’s Market only “pay” writers in copies of the publication in which their work appears or in exposure. I didn’t include these on this list. I also didn’t list magazines that pay “if funds permit” (like Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine).

Sometimes I couldn’t tell if a publication charged a submission fee while their submission window was closed. (It would be visible through their submission manager when the window opened.) In those cases, I erred on the side of assuming markets did not charge submission fees.

*Analog Science Fiction and Fact ($1/line)

+Ancient Paths ($1.25/poem)

Arc Poetry Magazine ($50/page)

The Atlantic Monthly (no pay specifics)

Beltway Poetry Quarterly (no pay specifics, “only publishes authors with strong ties to the Washington, DC region, and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic states of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware”)

*Beyond Centauri ($1-$2/poem)

+Bible Advocate ($20/poem)

*Big Pulp ($5/poem)

BOMB Magazine (no pay specifics)

Boston Review (payment varies)

Chicken Soup for the Soul ($200/poem)

+Christian Communicator ($5/poem)

Christian Science Monitor (pay not listed on site, but entry in Poet’s Market says “$25/haiku, $50/poem”)

Cincinnati Review ($30/page of poetry)

Confrontation Magazine ($75-$100/poem, accepts online submissions ONLY from writers outside the US)

Contrary Magazine ($20/author per issue)

+Devozine ($25/poem)

ellipsis… literature & art ($10/poem)

Fiddlehead ($60/page)

filling Station ($25/poem)

FIELD ($15/page)

Freefall ($25/page, Canadian contributors only)

Grain ($50/page)

Grasslimb ($5-$20/poem)

Idaho Review (no pay specifics)

Kaleidoscope ($10-$100/accepted piece)

Kenyon Review (no pay specifics)

*Leading Edge ($5-$20/poem)

The London Magazine (no pay specifics)

The Malahat Review ($60/page)

The Nation (no pay specifics)

Neon (pays “a small royalty payment”)

New Letters (no pay specifics)

The New Yorker (no pay specifics)

Ninth Letter ($25/page)

Notre Dame Review (no pay specifics)

The Pedestal Magazine ($40/poem)

Planet—The Welsh Internationalist (30 pounds/poem)

Pleiades (no pay specifics)

+Pockets ($25+/poem)

Poetry ($10/line, minimum $300/poem)

+Purpose ($10-$20/poem)

Queens Quarterly (no pay specifics)

Rattapallax (no pay specifics)

Rattle ($50/poem published online, $100/poem published in print)

Roanoke Review (no pay specifics)

Room Magazine ($50/poem, only publishes work by “women (cisgender and transgender), transgender men, Two-Spirit and nonbinary people”)

*Scifaikuest ($1+/most poems)

Spider ($25+/poem)

*Star*Line (3c/word, minimum $3)

*Strange Horizons ($40/poem)

The Sun ($100-$250/poem)

takahe magazine (no pay specifics)

U.S. Catholic (no pay specifics; need not be religious in nature)

Vanillerotica Literary Magazine ($10/poem)

Weber–The Contemporary West (no pay specifics)

Westerly ($120/poem, requires contributors to be subscribers to the magazine or to accept a magazine subscription as part of their payment)


*SFF/”genre” poetry market

+Christian market publishing mainly Christian/religious work


Other helpful lists of paying markets include this one from Erica Verrillo’s blog Publishing…And Other Forms of Insanity and this list from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association.

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